Song Of The Day 6/18/2016: Argosy – “Mr. Boyd”

Improbable Collaborations – This collaboration wasn't improbable when it happened in 1969. It might have been more improbable a few years later, after the respective participants had established superstar careers of their own, but back in 1969, before either of them had made too much headway in the music scene, it wasn't improbable at all. Which is not to say it was probable. Come to think of it probability and improbability, relatively speaking, probably don't have that much to do with this collaboration. If you ask me I would say there's more an element of randomness to this collaboration. There were no reasons or conditions either favoring or disfavoring this collaboration from happening in the time and place when it did, which was 1969 in England. But perhaps the absence of reasons or conditions tilting the scales in either direction, by merit of its absence, would therefore confer that the collaboration was in fact improbable. This argument, of course, omits the view of many monotheistic faiths that worldly fate is predetermined by forces outside our control or accessibility, a view this blog considers specious. Or rather, not specious, because for something to be specious it should have the outward appearance or distinction of looking correct, when in fact fate is not even discernible as a tangible object with width, height and dimension, nor an argumentative construct with thesis, investigation and conclusion. Instead, I would consider the notion of predetermined, uncontrollable fate insolvent of reason and evidence.

This is Roger Hodgson from Supertramp with Elton John on piano. Just leave your tuition payment in the box near the door. Thank you for choosing Arby's! 

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