Song Of The Day 7/13/2016: Spider – “Come Back Baby”

Highway To Mutt – As followers will note, I'm 17 hours late with today's SOTD. That's because I was Working Hard For You, The Listener. I needed a break from the deadline, so I went to ask the editor if I could do that, but then realized that editor was me, so I said that would be fine but I'd have to dock myself a day's pay. I'd tell you what I was working on until 3:30am last night but doing so would have a potentially disastrous impact on future events. It'll be good. I need to cut back on the workaholicism a little though. But on the other hand it's nice to have some scant measure of obsession with increasing my output rather than gurgling around the upholstery consuming everything. Anyway, sorry about the delay. I'd like to say it won't happen again, but that would be over-promising. I'll say I'll feel bad about it. But probably not much.

All right, back to the production work of Robert John "Mutt" Lange. Spider actually is Robert John "Mutt" Lange. Or as his songwriter credit reads, Robert John Lange. Or as his production credit reads on this particular single, John Lange. This was apparently pre-Mutt.

The next SOTD should be on time. I suppose. What do I look like, a clock?

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