Song Of The Day 7/15/2016: D-R-U-M – “Lalabye”

Highway To Mutt – Let's wrap up what I admit was a fairly unenthusiastic week on my part. I was looking ahead to next week and getting ahead of myself. I'd like to therefore apologize to superstar producer Robert John "Mutt" Lange for the shabby, piecemeal manner in which I threw together his legacy this week. You throw yourself into your art, working your way up from the wild streets of South Africa, sloughing through thankless projects before finally getting the chance to produce two of the greatest hard rock records ever made, only to have a sleepy-eyed blogger fighting through five-hour sleep nights toss it all around the room like a rusty old set of ball-and-jacks. Life just hasn't been the same since they took Darvon off the market.

Anyway, let's just back out of the room slowly with this last piece of Muttwork from 1979. It's a disco single called "Lalabye" by an anonymous group named D-R-U-M who didn't put anything else out besides this vaguely tropical single. Lange produced it. Tom Moulton, covered here last month, mixed it. I do like Mutt's musical range, I will say. This was a guy who wasn't the least bit concerned with making a disco record if it meant he'd get to work on Highway to Hell next week.

Okay, one more piece of filler tomorrow, then it's time for the ratings bonanza.

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