Song Of The Day 7/28/2016: Manchu Music – “The Song of Archery”

Wide Room of Sports – If there's any competitive venture my family is going to excel at it's archery. We're all about projectiles, for one thing. They're so much more interesting than things that burrow (if less productive). My son Hank has been trying to conquer the limitations of gravity full-on since he was about four years old and I think he's pretty close. Also, we have tangible results of our prowess from various summer camps, children's museums and (it pains me to say this) Renaissance Faires. Both Hank and I have scored bullseyes at standalone competitions. We did. We got badges for our efforts and they were photocopied using the finest equipment available at that hour. And we like quivers. They're like fanny packs for the curt and single-minded. So we'll go all-in for archery when the Trump presidency starts and we get easily access dystopian with only one or two subway transfers.

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