Song Of The Day 8/13/2016: Diazpora feat. Nora Kinga Becker – “Song 2”

Quarterly Covers Report – The last entry in this abbreviated version of the QCR is a reasonably diverting cover of Blur's most mammoth hit, "Song 2," from a German group called Diazpora. That's them on the right. Some of their members wear heart-shaped eyeglasses. That can't be helped. Or rather it can, but not at the moment. My tolerance for retro covers of somewhat contemporary songs has gotten a little higher, mainly because the bands are generally getting better. The cutesy factor on this one is kept under control. Gosh, I hope you like this.

OK, the phoning in stops tomorrow as Part 2 of The Hidden '70s gets underway. Filler no more. Keep those cards and letters coming.

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