Song Of The Day 8/22/2016: Sounds Inc – “Dead As a Go-Go”

Song Of The Day is coasting without a theme through at least Labor Day. You'll live. Although I think today's entry might necessitate a theme week of its own at some point. While accepting my fate as a thematic flounderer for the rest of the month I came across a 20-volume various-artist retrospective series set called Piccadilly Sunshine: British Pop Psych and Other Flavours. It should by now be a matter of utmost obviousness that this is the kind of musical offering I'll plunge myself into with reckless abandon and little concern for the security of others. The first thing I did was make a Spotify playlist out of all the albums for easy access next weekend, when I'm going to an island for recreational reasons.

This is what I needed when I was looking for stuff for Sincerely Yours, Sunbrite (still milking it after almost two months) and felt like I'd hit a dead end with British psychedelic pop after The Idle Race or The Syn. There's a little bit less of the unadulterated bliss I often associate, however rashly, with the whole flower-power escapade, and a little more of the measured but poptastic skepticism brought about by the British weather. You get groups with names like Roger Bloom's Hammer, Mood of Hamilton, Pythagoras Theorem, Watch Committee and Pinkerton's Assorted Colours. You also get this track by Sounds Inc, who started as an instrumental band but produced this great piece of bitter cut-ups disguised as self-knowledge. "My life is a tribute to those public speakers telling me straight what I should do, as if they knew." Rot! Rubbish!

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