Song Of The Day 8/26/2016: Harry Kakoulli – “Stop Me, Nudge Me, Push Me”

Harry Kakoulli was the original bassist for Squeeze, which means he holds an at least adjunct position in the cosmic firmament of my heart. It's not a crowded place. That's him playing on early Squeeze tracks like "Take Me I'm Yours" and "Up the Junction." He came from Deptford, South London, just like the other principals in Squeeze. The only appropriate picture I could find with him that came in a reasonable size is the above, Harry sitting at left with Squeeze drummer Gilson Lavis. He eventually left Squeeze, who I'll admit has had a revolving door policy with bassists and keyboardists to a certain extent. I'm sure it wasn't on purpose. Harry recorded his debut solo album Even When I'm Not on an 8-track recorder in South London. It's a nice piece of low-fi, electronic dance-rock with a distinct chill to it. Pretty primal. The second part of his career was about as un-Squeeze-like as one can get, as he took back the original spelling of his first name, Harri, and embarked in a long career producing world and electronic music that I'm sure I'll completely understate if I even try to describe it in this limited space. Try Googling it; It's pretty impressive. It could completely reset all notions of what I'll be able to accomplish in my golden years. Thanks, Harry/Harri! 

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