Song Of The Day 8/28/2016: Elysian Fields – “Lady in the Lake”

I meant to finish the next couple of days' selections before I left on vacation, but I fell short. Thankfully I'm in a condo on an island right now and not camping, so in addition to not dealing with the eerie sounds of the night under the watchful eye of the constellations, I got wi-fi. So I'll just hastily crank the next couple SOTD's out. I got physical activities to do. You got some too, I'm sure. Live a little, all right?

Elysian Fields was one of my big favorites when I was working for the music marketing company in Los Angeles. The lead singer is Jennifer Charles. My supervisor knew how I felt about Jennifer Charles at the time and left some provocative magazine clippings of her at my desk with "personal messages" on them. Elysian Fields' 1996 album Bleed Your Cedar is overpoweringly sensual and despondently dark at the same time. It was a very nice counter-balance to the other rock music of the '90s, the kinds that were ironic, feedback-cluttered and insufferably macho in their invented frailty. And Charles' carnal metaphors were very well-executed. I would play this if I were you. Okay, thanks. Now back to my vacation in which I'm probably going to claim I went kayaking but don't buy it for a minute.

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