Mixtape Of The Day 9/24/2016: Reset Fever

I was going to wait until next weekend to put this up, but we're all adults here. I think we can go one week early. This is a mixtape I did during a break in The Hidden '70s series when I desperately wanted to hear a set of songs that weren't coated in polystyrene and hope. I got caught on a little exotica trip for a bit so there's some of that, but also some other things. There's even a song from this year on it. It's your standard mood piece with occasional shakeups. Also a wee bit of the McAloon. Just go with it. Enjoy.

D.H. Bert Bilbro – C. & N.W. Blues
Orchestra Erwin Lehn – Zwischen Hamburg & Haiti (Intro)
Curve – Speedcrash
André Popp – Java des Bombes Atomiques
Guitar – House Full of Time
Conrad Schnitzler – Meditation (Excerpt)
Beulah – Matter Vs. Space
Asmus Tietchens – Dampf Ablassen
Matthew Sweet – Dead Smile
Esplendor Geométrico – Hemen Nago
Esquivel – Inca's Dream
Komeda – Ad Fontes
Patato featuring Samba Mapangala – Kora-Son (Excerpt)
Mick Harvey – Coffee Colour (Couleur Café)
Pram – Milky
Hiroshi Suzuki – Cat
Paddy McAloon – I Trawl the Megahertz (Intro)
Tom Smith – Bonny
The High Llamas – Here Come the Rattling Trees
12 Rods – Lovewaves
Axolotl – Natura Naturans
Radiohead – Glass Eyes
Asko Ensemble – Vàrese: Octandre - I. Assez lent
The Legendary Pink Dots – Mailman
Russ Garcia – Water Creatures of Astra
Lydia Lunch – Sway
The Beautiful South – I Love You (But You're Boring)
Sid Bass – From Another World (Excerpt)
Paddy McAloon – I'm 49
Sonya Hunter – Expecting to Fly

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