Song Of The Day 9/2/2016: Kevie Kev (Waterbed Kev) – “All Night Long (Waterbed)”

There's almost nothing to be found on the web about Kevie "Waterbed" Kev or his 1983 cult hit "All Night Long (Waterbed)". I had to go to VH1's website to find this mere morsel: "Hip hop pioneer Kevie Kev aka Waterbed Kev is an important staple in the culture. After being a member of some of the earliest and most influential rap groups like The Fantastic Five and the L Brothers, Kev took off as a solo artist on Sugar Hill Records. His new found freedom inspired "All Night Long (Waterbed)," which samples the Mary Jane Girls song of the same name, without the parenthetical waterbed. All Wikipedia really has to say about the Fantastic Five is that they were in the movie Wild Style, which understates their legacy by a good bit, but most early hip hop acts seem to run into that issue. Heavy D once paid tribute to Kev by naming his debut solo album Waterbed Hev. His old associate Grandwizard Theodore from the Five simply says he's now a "family man." This track is also great. Make it a great weekend.

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