Song Of The Day 9/4/2016: The Divine Comedy – “How Can You Leave Me On My Own”

Wait a minute. The new Divine Comedy album came out? On Friday? How come nobody texted me?? My God, how could you let me slip up on this one? I wasn't doing anything important! I should have set the place up! I could have called the caterers and had them come over with the whole Mediterranean spread! I could have called everyone over for a listening party! I could have sent the kids over to the casino for a couple hours while we all sat and listened to every one of Neil Hannon's tones and rests and breaths! Dammit! I could have planned this thing properly! You sons-a...

Well, okay, over here in 'Murica the first Divine Comedy album in six years might only be a schedule-breaker for me and my friend Andy, who are basically the Divine Comedy's U.S. street team. Except we don't actually go on streets when we can avoid it. But we can make a mean flier if we put our minds to it. Still, this calls for a complete interruption in this blog's activities for the day, which basically were just fantasy football research and finding recipes for pimento spread. So here you are. The new album's called Foreverland, I've already listened to it twice, and it's quintessential Divine Comedy. I apologize for the delay, but I thought it wasn't coming out until October. Here's a video for it that I also didn't know existed. Oh, man, we could have had canapés. It would have been quite the recital.

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