Song Of The Day 9/23/2016: Terry Bradshaw – “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”

So this was featured on The Taking Of Roger, and yes I'm still trying to shove that mixtape down your throat. Come on guys, give this one some love -- we actually had interstate script meetings over this show. A member of the cast actually used a Markov chain to construct some of his dialogue. People did far more work than I ever expected or even dreamed they'd do and I'm so hap-hap-happy with how it came out. If you loved The Exorcist, you'll love Roger. If you love Roger you'll love Roger. It's the best physical comedy you'll ever... hear. Anyway, go to it. I can't talk too much about it because of the element of surprise. That's the one thing I have on my side, except for the oxycontin.

But I can tell you a little about the music on the show. After researching through all the Billboard charts to find songs that peaked between #41 and #100, I found that I had a lot of novelty, comedy and flat-out kitschy (or just plain bad) songs left over that I thought I could put into a tape of their own. I came across a recording of Hank Williams' "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" done by the legendary NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw, who you can see on Fox's NFL coverage. I wanted to use this song on The Taking Of Roger, but after hearing it I realized it wasn't comedy, it wasn't novelty, and... well, I'll be honest: it's actually pretty good. I mean, you won't mistake Bradshaw's voice for Hank Williams' or George Jones' or anyone like that, but I was expecting the embarrassment one normally suspects would come with professional athletes making country music, and it just ain't there. Okay -- sure, Terry's got a vibrato in his voice that can be a bit overbearing, but when did you ever hear an athlete pull off vibrato at all? My point.

So I almost left this song off The Taking Of Roger because, quite frankly, I thought it might be too good. But I found a script device that allowed me to wedge it in. Because we had script meetings for this mother. Geez, what're we gonna do next, have craft services or something?

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