Song Of The Day 9/28/2016: Wilco – “Where Do I Begin”

Just finished a long piece for Treble in which I build a fantasy Wilco anthology (although they put one out a couple years ago which I didn't realize until last week). It's got 30 titles in all. I wrote about 2600 words, not including an intro which I'm probably just going to pull together from the inner sleeves of old hardbound books and cereal box tops. Or maybe a Markov chain. You don't know this but I've been toying with a theme week written entirely using a Markov chain, and that impulse is stronger than ever. Look, if they could fashion a presidential candidate out of orange-painted straw, Fred Blassie sound bytes and reconstituted ejaculate, I don't know why I can't use a Markov chain. It's science.

Anyway. This song from their 2015 album Star Wars is the last song on my Wilco's greatest hits lineup, and it didn't get there until close to the last minute. It says a lot that I can't pin down, it's as solid a closing dance number as I can think of, and its poignancy will make a lot of sense to readers of this blog in, oh, a few hours or so. Enjoy your morning.

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