Song Of The Day 10/19/2016: Pulp – “Deep Fried in Kelvin”

Extra Long – I sorted all my tracks in Amazon Music by song length tonight and discovered a few things:

1. Lots of prog, of course

2. Keith Jarrett has an enormously long attention span

3. Many Funkadelic songs have a ratio of approximately 30 seconds to each letter in their song titles

4. I miss our nation's affection for Roman numerals in non-Super Bowl applications

5. If you're going to address future dystopian hellscapes in song, book yourself at least eight minutes.

None of this comes as a great revelation to many of you, of course, so you can treat this info kind of like food groups. It's Point 5 that Pulp's "Deep Fried in Kelvin," from their 1994 album His 'n' Hers, best emulates. A nice emulation of that bleak British urban future movie that you know you've seen at some point but can't name, "Deep Fried in Kelvin" shows Jarvis Cocker trying just hard enough with tipping his entire hand. The image of a man loading his flat with soil just so he can have a garden is like a Fox Talbot reproduction of stills from Idiocracy. By the way, if you're not a scientist, don't mess around with the Kelvin scale. You're just begging for liquefaction. Not for amateurs.

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