Song Of The Day 10/29/2016: The Jimmy Castor Bunch – “King Kong”

Halloween Week -- I wanna be in the Jimmy Castor Bunch. Well, there's not much chance of that since he passed on four years ago. But what a plum gig: making hit records that were the apex of silliness like "Troglodyte" and "The Bertha Butt Boogie," then turning right around and creating definitive funk riffs like "It's Just Begun" like it was nothing. It's not easy to switch back and forth between comedy and straight music and still be credible; that's why Weird Al hasn't written an opera yet. "King Kong" is a song I discovered while working on The Hidden '70s last summer; in fact it made it onto the mixtape The Taking of Roger. Mostly it's about that insane guitar, bass and auxiliary percussion riff that percolates throughout. I think that percussion instrument is a cowbell; if so, no song has ever had more cowbell than this one. Seriously, this is some Remain In Light shit. About a huge gorilla. 

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