Song Of The Day 10/30/2016: The Shaggs – “It's Halloween”

Halloween Week -- True story from last night:

I walk into the Salmon Bay Eagles' Club in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood wearing a sweater, pants, coat and hat, i.e. what I wear virtually every day.

Eagles' Club Hostess: "Are you in the costume contest??"

Me (looking at self, looking back up): "Sure!"

Hostess: "What's your name?"

Me: "Paul!"

Hostess: "Okay. And what's your costume?"

Me: "Complacency!"

All the entrants get in line to do a catwalk down the floor of the Eagles' Club to show off our costumes. I go last.

Hostess: "...and finally, here's Paul... dressed as COMPLACENCY!"

I walk down the aisle looking unexcited. I stop halfway down and, take out my smartphone and pretend to look something up. I then hold up a finger as if to say "Wait a sec, I'll be right with you." Crowd goes wild.

Later they announce the winners:

Hostess: "And our final honorable mention... Paul, as Complacency!"

Me: "WHOOOOO-HOO!!! YES!!! YES!!!! WHOOOOO!!!" (fist pump)

I love the Eagles' Club.

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