Mixtape Of The Day 11/12/2016: Emergency Provisional Mix, Nov. 2016

I don't know about you, but this is how I cope. Took about two hours.

It's not the feel-good tape of the year, but I hope it's not depressing. Press the play triangle above.

Dorina Draghici - Inimă, De Ce Nu Vrei Să-Mbătrânești?
Assa'd Khoury - Al Ghaba
Public Enemy - Rebel Without a Pause (Chad Jackson Remix)
The Last Poets - This Is Madness
Giora Feidman - The Klezmer's Freilach
Firewater - Dark Days Indeed
Classical Arabic Orchestra of Aleppo - Longa & Samai Shahnaz (Excerpt)
Leadbelly - The Bourgeois Blues
Pussy Riot - Refugees In
Tackhead - Mind at the End of the Tether
The Equals - Police On My Back
Joe Pug - Nation of Heat
M.I.A. - Born Free (Misses White Remix)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Arc (Edit)
UNKLE with Thom Yorke - Rabbit in Your Headlights
Leonard Cohen - Steer Your Way

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