Song Of The Day 11/5/2016: Mark Lambert & "Cabaret" Cast – “Tomorrow Belongs to Me”

Since you've all been very patient with SOTD's getting all whacked out of order, I made you a mixtape. It'll go up here very early on Sunday, but I thought I'd give you a preview now. (If you already know where to look for it, it's there now.)

Mixtape #35 is full of avant-garde and experimental music -- it's either the boldest mixtape I've ever made, or the most unlistenable. Maybe both. But what Mixtape #35 originally was going to be was a piece called Donward, or possibly The Donward Spiral. It was conceived as unabashed agitprop about one of our presidential candidates. I won't say which one, but it's the one with his own brand of vodka which we all may sorely need on Nov. 9. I got a little ways into it, but was ultimately unsatisfied with the original bits -- the comic transitions and experimental satire pieces. They just weren't working. The actual songs were good. I had Joe Walsh, Gonzales, Belle & Sebastian and a couple others planned. But I didn't have the time to flesh it out into something that wasn't sonically awkward.

Mixtape #35 features three pieces that were intended for Donward. Including this piece from the musical Cabaret which, if you have thus far avoided all Broadway movie musicals ever, takes place during the rise of the Third Reich in Germany. According to my research the uncredited singer of "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" is Mark Lambert, though I'm not sure that's the actor playing the part in this snippet. It should probably be mentioned that this song was written by Kander & Ebb, the team who wrote "New York, New York." I don't think this has to be explained, except that it's by far one of the creepiest moments in a major movie musical ever, and in real life the Third Reich turned out to be a bunch of assholes, and for them it didn't end well.

But it can't happen here, can it?

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