Song Of The Day 11/13/2016: Larry Norman – “Prince of Peace”

Quarterly Covers Report -- All right, all right. Time to pick up our game again. We only got four and a half months to go, the final 50 days are scripted, we won't barely have to do anything in December. We're not going to let anything like an oncoming fascist regime subject to comical hijinks derail our big finale, are we? Of course we're not! We're going to pick ourselves up and finish the damn show, just like they did in the Kit Kat Club! And yes, I've been playing the soundtrack to Cabaret over in my head as well, Jimmy. But I'm flushing it out now.

Actual writing will commence tomorrow at some point, but tonight I'm presenting a song by another person who left us this weekend but didn't get quite the same amount of attention. Leon Russell, who was responsible for a bunch of hits we've overlooked like "Superstar," "This Masquerade" and "A Song for You" passed away over the weekend. Today's feature is a cover of one of his deep tracks by Larry Norman, who's still the greatest Christian rock artist in music history. Yes, there was a great Christian rock artist. His name was Larry Norman. Check him out.

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