Song Of The Day 11/16/2016: The Lemonheads – “Fade to Black”

Quarterly Covers Report -- I'm reviewing the new Metallica album for Treble pretty soon. The new album's called Self-Destruct. I've gotten through half of it. There's a song about Cthulhu on it. Not being informed on the in-and-outs of the Metallica canon, I have been told that this is the second Metallica song referencing Cthulhu. You know what's interesting to me about Metallica? That they've spent the last 25-plus years of their career belaboring under the shroud of collective disappointment from their fans. From what I can tell this downturn began either with ...And Justice For All, which like Sleater-Kinney contained no bass, or the "Black Album," which came 23 years after the Beatles' "White Album." Like the "White Album," the actual title of the "Black Album" was eponymous. Anyway, you'd have to ask Metallica turncoats what really pisses them off about Metallica over the past 25 years. Until I hear otherwise I'm just going to believe it's related to Cthulhu. Man, they don't dig that guy.

Here's a cover of Metallica's "Fade to Black" by the Lemonheads, featuring Evan Dando. Except for a song or two I didn't care for the Lemonheads all that much.

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