Mixtape Of The Day 12/8/2016: Median Frost

I'm projecting this to be my last new mixtape of 2016. Which doesn't preclude me from making new mixtapes, just from releasing them. And pending Star Time episodes don't count 'cause they're already done. There will be many of those.

Median Frost is an hour long but only contains 11 songs. (And two of those are by a great Arizona band named Scenic.) I wanted something to convey the hazy dread and pinhole sunlight we're feeling right now. So you have very long, very slow, primarily instrumental rock pieces. Well, more post-rock, plus things by electronicist Chris Zabriskie and film scorer Ennio Morricone. I like the dramatics. This is how I'd choose to go out.

Mixtapes become the new economy for this blog in April after Song Of The Day ends its run, so you can take in a crash course at my Mixcloud page. As always, enjoy and thanks for listening.

Chris Zabriskie - Wonder Cycle
Margins - Cowboys
Blueneck - Ub2
Mooncake - Rain in the Ashtray
Rroselicoeur - The Dark Side of Johan
Landing - Wrapped Up in Flight
Tulsa Drone - The Catch
Ennio Morricone - La Spiaggia (Vers. 2) (from "Veruschka")
We Invented The Night - Memories
Scenic - The Tones of Peloponnesus
Scenic - Ionia

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