Mixtape Of The Day 12/28/2016: Doux rêves, mon industrie

It's the actual last mix of 2016, although for accounting purposes we'll call it the first mix of 2017. Doux rêves, mon industrie is just your standard, hour-long slippage into a rabbit hole that I did on the spur of the moment. Tons of uncertainty and experimental music. If I were a drug person I'd recommend some sort of inhalant. Though this mixtape is its own inhalant. I don't know. Slip this on an hour before midnight on New Year's Eve and let me know how it clears the room. It also has the best opening track ever. Enjoy.

(Track 18 contains some brief, explicit language.)

Sean Landers - The Man Within (Excerpt)
Megan Roberts - I Could Sit Here All Day
Laurie Spiegel - Appalachian Grove I
Morton Subotnick - The Wild Bull (I) (Excerpt)
Splatter Trio with Stan Grabowski - Wives and Lovers
Lasse Berghagen - Torsten Bark
Chris Corsano - Famously Short Arms
PSHRG - Dada Tried I
Henry Flynt - S&M Delirium
33 - Abominatron
Else Marie Pade - Magrethes Fordømmelse
Ned Lagin, Phil Lesh - Seastones (Excerpt)
Amy X Neuburg Cello ChiXtet - This Loud
Bill Bissett - Air to the Bells
Catherine Christer Hennix - The Electric Harpsichord (Excerpt)
PSHRG - Dada Tried II
Add N To (X) - The Sound of Accelerating Concrete
Richard Hell - The Rev. Hell Gets Confused
Laurie Anderson - Only an Expert
John Oswald - Way/Sfield
PSHRG - The Neighbors' Drone
Xela - Never Going Home
Monty Python - Christmas in Heaven

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