Song Of The Day 12/10/2016: Michael Franks – “Baseball”

Song Of The Day Outtakes 2016 -- "Baseball" was cut from Baseball Week because... well, sometimes sexual allegories ain't especially graceful. Michael Franks did a few of them. The most notable one was "Popsicle Toes" which assigns attributes of his chosen one's anatomy to sub-equatorial regions of the Americas. Or "In Search of the Perfect Shampoo," which finally finds pop usage for the term "low-pH." Or "Now That Your Joystick's Broken." God, I can't believe I'm a grown man. "Baseball" is from Franks' album One Bad Habit, the cover of which has Franks posing in a burgundy V-neck that tells you all you need to know about soft jazz circa 1980. This is the music of the tittering, embarrassed giggles shared between accountants as rivers of chardonnay encircle them at one of them "lawn" concerts. That may be your thing. I'm just passing out the brochures, man.

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