Song Of The Day 12/17/2016: Bette Midler – “In the Mood”

Song Of The Day Outtakes 2016 -- Our final outtake of 2016 was also slashed from The Hidden '70s, really only because it's Bette Midler's straight cover of Glenn Miller's "In the Mood" and it just felt a tad too anachronistic for that whole '70s thing. Even though the '70s got plenty of its fuel from nostalgia, what with the Happy Days and The Sting and 2001: A Space Odyssey and all. Artistically this is kind of a gas. The original Miller version didn't have lyrics, so Bette and her musical director Barry Manilow came up with some.

And with that, everything's pretty much wrapped up for the final full calendar year of Song Of The Day. I mean, we got the Christmas thing coming up, but I understand if you have other commitments.

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