Song Of The Day 12/21/2016: Amanda – “Cookie Santa”

Christmas Week -- I knew before the end of this feature's run we'd have to address Amanda and I'm glad we have an excuse to do it now. Amanda Whitt was an 11-year-old girl in Alabama when she started making music with her older brother on all the instruments. As almost all 11-year-old kids are prone to do when given a microphone, boundless energy and full musical accompaniment, Amanda went nuts. She made a ton of home cassettes and fashioned them into albums, as you can see from the picture above. My favorite, and a lot of others' favorite, was the seminal adolescent screed Worship Me, which turned out to be her swan song:

Worship me! 
Worship me!
I am Cookie!
You must worship me!
Bow before me-me!
I'm your idol!
I am the goddess of Cookie!
You WILL worship me-ee-ee!
It's like she's reading my mail. I know exactly what she's talking about. Anyway, these tapes were somehow delivered to musician R. Stevie Moore, who got them forwarded to Irwin Chusid at WFMU in New Jersey, who played them on his brilliant Incorrect Music show back in the day. Legend spawned. Amanda's all grown up now and is pretty normal compared to the rest of us. Here's her Christmas wish.

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