Mixtape Of The Day 1/14/2017: Glamquake

Well, officer, I was in the middle of making Veritas Animus 2 when I hit a creative and narrative roadblock, and decided to navigate it by spinning off and starting a totally new mixtape. That's why you have this brand new, 31-song, hour-and-44-minute collection of glam rock, bubblegum music and other songs that qualify for one of the two distinctions if you make some modest leaps in logic. Since this may be the last mix before the world ends next Friday I tried to put the party up front and the more self-investigative tracks towards the end, but it's all pretty sweet. And pretty Sweet, or pretty The Sweet, or whatever the hell they were called. But seriously, I like this one a lot and hope you do too.

Kincade - Dreams Are Ten a Penny
Screemer - Interplanetary Twist
Ice Cream - Shout It Out
Whistle - When the Lights Go Out On Broadway
Tim Dandy - Run, Run, Run, Run, Run
The Jook - Bish, Bash, Bosh
Airship - Get Out, Take Your Mother With You
Bonnie St. Claire & Unit Gloria - Voulez-vous
Brett Smiley - Va Va Va Voom
Rammadamma - Ramma Damma
Noddy Holder
Slade - Gudbuy T' Jane
Left End - Loser
Big Wheel - Curly Girl
Norah - The Battle for My Love
Shambles - Hello Baby
Yellow Cat - Sissy
Gumbo - We Don't Care Now
Zolar X - Space Age Love
Sweeney Todd - Roxy Roller
Slack Alice - Put Me On the Railroad
Marc Bolan
William Shakespeare - Can't Stop Myself From Loving You
The Sweet - Alexander Graham Bell
Harpo - Moviestar
Cherry Vanilla - I Know How to Hook
Oscar - Well Known Lady
Jobriath - Morning Star Ship
Paul Ryan - Sober Phobia
Deaf School - What a Way to End It All
Christopher Milk - The Babyshoes Bittersuite
Roxy Music - 2 H.B.
Stavely Makepeace - Slippery Rock 70's

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