Song Of The Day 1/6/2017: The Gun Club – “Ghost on the Highway”

Sorry I'm late. It's been a really busy day. I'll probably be late tomorrow too as there's a football contest with local interest that will conclude my primal scream therapy for the year. (Probably.)

Having failed to nail down SOTD before I left the house on Friday afternoon, I decided this would be as good a time as any to plug my the first novel from my longtime associate, figurative brother and fellow co-chair of the Pacific Northwest Geezer Steve Martin Fan Club, one Scott West (who sometimes exists under the name King Dinosaur). It's called Ghosts on the Highway. You can find it on Createspace and at Amazon's Kindle Store. I've only had time to get about 20% through it, but so far it's a road novel with two men with separate reconciliations on their minds. One of them's also skipping off his meds, so reality's a little bit fluid for him, if you know what I mean. It's highly engrossing.

I understand Scott wanted to quote this song from the Gun Club, but they wanted money. I have no such dues by putting their song up and talking about his book, causing a free-association loop that's 100% free. Don't stop be-reading. Thanks.

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