Song Of The Day 2/5/2017: The Frogs – “(Try Out My New) Sex Doll Baby!!!”

You Pick The Artist - The Final Picking -- Andy Lewis gave me the Fr–

Oh, crap. He gave me the Frogs.

Well, there's no delicate way to go about this. If you've heard the Frogs, you know why this is. If you haven't, I may owe you an apology. Not because the Frogs were bad; they were great. They were unquestionably the best at doing the thing they did. They miraculously had the support of those peers who had more judicious thought-editing. They also existed during a time where there was a little more of a sense of humor about these things.

A lot of their songs were about gay sex. The Frogs were not gay. They also did an album of dialogues between black and white people called Racially Yours. It had an album cover we now consider patently offensive. Except for that album, which sounds like they at least wrote stuff down, the lyrics to the Frogs' songs play like they were made up as they were recorded. Apparently they made more serious music as well but I'm not in the mood for it.

I don't believe I'm even coming close to describing how riotously offensive these songs, including today's, will be to many ears. Personally I think it's hilarious. I chose “(Try Out My New) Sex Doll Baby!!!” for today because it gave me a laughing fit while I was on the Hollywood Freeway. Right at the point where the singer goes, "Better yet, cowBOY, yee-ha!" That's when I lost it.

Thanks anyway, Andy.

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