Mixtape: Free Music Archive Mix I

If, like me, you're an ardent listener of WFMU in New Jersey then you may be familiar with the Free Music Archive, which the freeform station launched in 2009. It's a repository of original music artists have provided to be freely distributed and licensed for folks like you and me to use as we see fit. I assume there are certain limits, so ask your lawyer or pastor what they might be. The FMA is also a fascinating place to spend time. You can pick a genre to sample, and then go even further into lots of subgenres nobody else thinks of. For example, you can choose "electronic," and then you're swept away into child categories like dubstep, glitch, "skweee," or as I did the other night, chiptune. So, in the spirit of the Ubuweb mix I made last autumn (except more accessible by harmonic standards), here's a 80-plus-minute tour of some of the tunes I funneled through a couple of days ago, and it shan't be the last. I should probably stop saying "shan't" however. Enjoy.

Free Matter for the Blind - Attilas c 1995
Puh - Gammelvals
RoccoW - Ace of Clubs
Artofescapism - Forward the Feeling
CLDSCP - Seres Extranos
DarkSunn - Duke
Sandro Marinoni & Stefano Roncarolo - Daily Damage
Chenard Walcker - Wizzz Pop
Ari de Niro - Failed Moments
Alpha Brutal - EPIC SONG
Cooper-Moore - Black Strap Sweet
The Soft Pink Truth - Party Pills
Lucky Dragons - What Am I So Mad About?
Blunderphonics - Shortwave Heartbreak Rides in 1972
Jan Morgenstern - No History of Mental Illness
Marcel Pequel - April (excerpt)
Logosamphia w/Dr Almeja - 9 Project
Jared C. Balogh - Went to a Fight and a Hockey Game Broke Out
Hall of Fame - Rival
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz - Social Dance Song
Zinaida Trokai - The Spirit of Russian Love
QQQ - Unpacking the Trailer
Raez - Hologram Jinn
JFrank - Symphonic Dispenser
Poor Alexei - Interiors
E.R. Goodman - The Wandering
Dexter Britain - Sleepless Nights

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