Song Of The Day 3/8/2017: John Bult – “Julie’s Sixteenth Birthday”

The Final 22
Welllll... listen guys. So yesterday was my birthday. I had a nice dinner with the family at my favorite Middle Eastern restaurant. Then I came home, and let me tell you, things got WILD...on my Facebook page.

Here's what happened. Andy texted me with a sliver of an album cover that he saw in a Seattle establishment. It was supposed to be one from a landmark Seattle album. Problem was, he didn't know which one. So he asked me, as a patron of the rock thing, if I could identify the album. (Picture below.) It looked really, really familiar to me. But I couldn't place it.

So I do what I normally do when I can't figure something out: I ask my entire friends list to help out.

"All right kids," I innocently posted, "for my birthday, here's all I want: What album cover is this clipped image from?"

You can imagine what happened next.

This effort was primarily led by Kara and Ian, with some contributions from another guy named Andy who displayed a particular fetish for No Limit Records.

Long story short, I was kept way too busy by this exchange to work on the next chapter of the Final 50. So I'm wasting using this spot in the Final 50 for a song from one of the 80 or so craptastic album covers that were put on my Facebook feed tonight.

I have also promised a mixtape featuring songs from these albums for which I'm sure I'll be banned from the Internet.

We still don't know what album that snippet is from.

We'll resume the regular story tomorrow. My eyes are burning.

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