Mixtape: Catastrophe Theory

It's late at night, and I can either binge-watch or do something quick and marginally creative. That's when you get stuff like this. This is the shortest mixtape I've done in almost a year and a half. I suppose I should warn you to expect more of these.

Olivier Messaien - Oraison
John Chowning - Stria
PSHRG - Harry in America
Henry Homestreet - Dirty Pictures
PSHRG - Katy in America
David Behrman - Interspecies Smalltalk Pt. 1
Shigeo Yamagishi - Shenmue Voice Collection
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Iconic Storage
Cluster & Eno - Selange
Otto Luening - Low Speed
John Cale - Antarctica Starts Here
Brad Mehldau - Knives Out (Version 2)
Black Tape for a Blue Girl - Bastille Day, 1961
Unknown - Mahler's 2nd Symphony (Brass Excerpt)

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