Star Time #14: Funky Driver on a Funky Bus

Star Time #14 features about 45 minutes of much-better-than-average old school '60s R&B, then segues almost imperceptibly into a set of raw, obscure '70s funk, including two pieces of BBC "production music" I snuck in as a joke. It's fantastic. As heard earlier this week on

H.L. Hubbard & the Jets - My Angel
San Francisco TKO's - Make Up Your Mind
Melba Moore - Magic Touch
Little Ann - Who Are You Trying To Fool
Chris Bartley - Truer Words Were Never Spoken
The Elektras - All I Want to Do Is Run
L.C. Steels - Looking Good
Hart & Shorter - Let's Get Our World Together

The Spontanes - Where Did I Go Wrong
The Younghearts - A Little Togetherness
Spider Harrison - Beautiful Day
Nu-Sound Express, Ltd. - Ain't It Good Enough
Charles Leonard - Funky Driver on a Funky Bus
The Counts - Motor City
The Invaders - Spacing Out

Apollis - What It Is (Part 1)
Brother Soul - Feelin' Funky
Mike Moran - The Pick Up
Rhythm Machine - Freakish Love
Boscoe - He Keeps You
Amnesty - Love Fades
Spirit of Atlanta - Hunter Street

Magnum - It's the Music That Makes Us Do It
Herbie Williams & the Electric Connection - Funky From the Git Go
Wisdom - Nefertiti
James Clarke - Second Cut
The Gap Band - Tommy's Groove
The 9th Creation - Bubble Gum

Wah Wah Watson - Goo Goo Wah Wah

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