Mixtape: Save It for the Gnostics

Despite my relative comfort in analyzing several genres of music to the point of heated inquisition and friendly insults, it's true that I've never been very conversant in The Metal. There are several reasons for this, including my religious upbringing which theorized that all who create The Metal have a binding agreement with Satan and are expected to pillage at committee-approved rates between encores. Since discovering that belief to be largely a lie borne from distaste and mistrust of intelligence, I've taken corrective measures to at least appreciate The Metal in decades since.

I found that I do have some affinity for music loosely associated with the actual birth of The Metal, around The 1970 or so. That means Black Sabbath, pretty much. I decided last week to do a mixtape I've been putting off for a long time, which is what you have here. It's all from the years surrounding the birth of Sabbath.

Much of the music in this show was directly taken from an outstanding blog called The Day After The Sabbath, and some was procured the hard way. Highlights includes a near-perfect song by Jerusalem, a bagpipe-infused mission statement from Cromagnon, someone from France, an unexpected and unplanned defense of Christianity towards the end, and snippets of amusing things said by the members of Black Sabbath. Let's get heavy. Heavier than normal, that is.

Bang - Come With Me
Tucky Buzzard - (She's A) Striker
Sir Lord Baltimore - Hard Rain Fallin'
Jerusalem - Primitive Man
Tear Gas - Woman for Sale
Buffalo - Sunrise (Come My Way)
Neil Merryweather - Kryptonite
Cromagnon - Caledonia
Budgie - Drugstore Woman
High Tide - Futilist's Lament
Saint-Preux - L'abime
Randy California - Downer
Lucifer's Friend - Baby You're a Liar
Master's Apprentices - Death of a King
Killing Floor - Out of Uranus
Zior - Entrance of the Devil/Strange Kind of Magic
Flied Egg - Rollin' Down the Broadway
Dark - Zero Time
My Solid Ground - The Executioner
A Foot in Coldwater - How Much Can You Take
Hairy Chapter - There's a Kind of Nothing
Writing on the Wall - Aries
Black Sabbath - After Forever
Stack Waddy - Meat Pies 'Ave Come But Band's Not Here Yet

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