Mixtape: For People Who Are Going Places

Inspired by a Washington Post photo essay, which in turn drew from a new collection of works from photographer Jim Jocoy, I ransacked the place and lined up a mix full of artists from the onset of San Francisco's punk scene between 1977 and 1981. This happened several years before I lived in SF myself, and due to dietary restrictions I never heard these bands (except the Dead Kennedys) when I was growing up in Sacramento. This set is a nice coming together of artists who lorded over the rec room with assuredness, and artists who had no idea what the hell they were doing. But everyone wins, because deep down inside we're all winners. Or we're all losers, which paradoxically makes us all winners again. This tape is exactly one hour and 30 minutes long. Double references to Tammy Wynette (Maggots, Baby Buddha) intentional.

The Avengers - The American In Me
Crime - Baby You're So Repulsive
Mary Monday - Popgun
Chrome - How Many Years Too Soon?
The Offs - Die Babylon
Los Microwaves - Time to Get Up
The Dils - You're Not Blank
Ozzie - Android Love
The Dead Kennedys - The Man With the Dogs
Noh Mercy - Fashion Chant
Novak - Oh Farrah!
Pink Section - Jane Blank
Adaptors - Trust in Technology
The Maids - Back to Bataan
The Junior Executives - Capital Gains Tax Increase Blues
Tools - Asexuality in the '80s
The Nuns - Savage
Flipper - Love Canal
The Maggots - (Let's Get Let's Get) Tammy Wynette
Symptoms - Be on Top
Wounds - Workaholic
The Touch Tones - Sorry We're Passé
Plain Jane & the Jokes - Class War
Inflatable Boy Clams - Marin
Minimal Man - She Was a Visitor
Romeo Void - White Sweater
Baby Buddha - Stand By Your Man Pt. 1
The Mutants - Tribute to Russ Meyer
Voice Farm - Double Garage
Tuxedomoon - Nite & Day (Hommage À Cole Porter)
The Residents - I Left My Heart in San Francisco

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