Mixtape: Expended Play - B-Sides 1968-72

Wait, what's happened here? Your correspondent files a mixtape with the Rolling Stones, the Who and the Kinks on it? And Neil Diamond and Sammy Davis Jr.? And Steppenwolf and Bread and.... oh, holy Christ, is that actually Chicago?? Yes, you're reading all that right. But it's pretty simple: Remember all those hit songs from the late '60s and early '70s that went to the top of the charts that you really loved? Well, these songs were on the backs of those records. Mixtape #66 shows off another side, literally, to some of the pop stars between 1968 and 1972. Some of them are well-known already (Stones, Monkees), some of them are what you'd expect (Shocking Blue, Jeannie C. Riley), and some are, frankly, pretty amazing pieces of work on their own (Melanie, Looking Glass). Here are all 28 of them, the hit songs they backed up, plus a smart-alecky intro from the smartest aleck of them all.

Artist - Song (A-Side)
Frank Zappa & The Association - Intro
Hugo Montenegro - March With Hope  (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)
Sly & the Family Stone - Let Me Hear It From You   (Dance to the Music)
The Monkees - Goin' Down   (Daydream Believer)
Kenny Rogers & the First Edition - Shadow in the Corner of Your Mind   (Just Dropped In [to See Condition My Condition Was In])
Steppenwolf - Everybody's Next One   (Born to Be Wild)
Jeannie C. Riley - The Girl Most Likely   (Harper Valley P.T.A.)
The Irish Rovers - Black Velvet Band   (The Unicorn)
Neil Diamond - Dig In   (Sweet Caroline)
Status Quo - Gentleman Joe's Sidewalk Cafe   (Pictures of Matchstick Men)
The Cowsills - What Is Happy?   (Hair)
Harry Nilsson - Rainmaker   (Everybody's Talkin')
Sammy Davis Jr. - Bein' Natural Bein' Me   (I've Gotta Be Me)
The Box Tops - The Door You Closed to Me   (Cry Like a Baby)
The Jaggerz - Born Poor   (The Rapper)
Shocking Blue - Hot Sand   (Venus)
The Kinks - Mindless Child of Motherhood   (Lola)
Mountain - The Laird   (Mississippi Queen)
Lee Michaels - Keep the Circle Turning   (Do You Know What I Mean)
Brewer & Shipley - Oh Mommy   (One Toke Over the Line)
The Rolling Stones - Bitch   (Brown Sugar)
Gallery - Ginger Haired Man   (Nice to Be With You)
Melanie - Some Say (I Got Devil)   (Brand New Key)
The Who - I Don't Even Know Myself   (Won't Get Fooled Again)
Bread - I Don't Love You   (Everything I Own)
Raspberries - With You In My Life   (Go All the Way)
Chicago - Alma Mater   (Saturday in the Park)
Johnny Nash - How Good It Is   (I Can See Clearly Now)
Looking Glass - One By One   (Brandy [You're a Fine Girl])


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