Mixtape: Misplex IV

On Instagram I called this mixtape "anti-music." That may have been a bit rash. There's music on it. But I do admit it was more important to curry a certain cacophony on this episode of the Misplex series, for which I still haven't developed a rock-solid definition. It probably has something to do with... well, cacophony. No real theme, except maybe for the quotidian terror we now experience in America. For those about to detonate, we salute you.

Jesus LopezDoNaDo - Analog Video + chromadepth
Ferdinand Försch - Resonators 014
PSHRG - Untitled_20171012
Ilhan Mimaroglu - Agony
Anton Webern - Two Songs
Halim El-Dabh - Leiyla and the Poet
David Byrne - Tree (Today Is an Important Occasion)
Tomas Henriques - The Double Slide Controller
Samurai Jazz - Isomorphism
Chrome - Descent Into the Lower Worlds (Level 1, 2, 3)
texasradiofish - Hollywood Harvey's Horror Story
PSHRG - Mellotron Demonstration Film
Renaldo & the Loaf - Honest Joe's Indian Gets the Goat on the Way to the Cowboys' Conga
TV Torna - Idősebbek is elkezdhetik
Knifonium - Steampunk Space Spies
Bauhaus - Paranoia, Paranoia
Milton Babbitt - Ensembles for Synthesizer (Excerpt)
Takumi Ogata - Sound Globe
Franco Battiato - Sequenze E Frequenze (Excerpt)
Cometa Rossa - Area
David Lee Myers - Feedback Chains #10
PSHRG - The Great 10bpm Swindle
Haskel - Viva la Vibro Cube
Denseland - Monk
Star Trader (X68K) OST - Track 13 (Without Drums)
Cast of "M*A*S*H" - Gee, Mom, I Want to Go Home


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