Star Time #60: Steppin' Up in Class

This episode features a two-set tribute to the R&B label Phil L.A. Of Soul, which deserves to be honored for coming up with one of the worst/best puns in music history for its name. In my book that earns you a hearty nod. My second-favorite thing about that label is its literal label, which prominently features a drawing of a fish skeleton as a visual cue about how to pronounce its name. It's the small things. The rest of the show is its usual staggering consistency. Try the salmon.

Set 1
The VontasticsYou Can Work It Out1967St. Lawrence
Jimmy McCracklinSteppin' Up in Class1965Imperial
The RoyalettesOut of Sight, Out of Mind1965MGM
Barbara Dane & the Chambers BrothersYou've Got to Reap What You Sow1966Folkways
Lou RawlsDead End Street1967Capitol
Jill HarrisYou Really Didn't Mean It1965Capitol
Harvey Scales & the Seven SoundsLove Is a Gas (But How Sweet It Is)1969Magic Touch
Jr. Walker & the All StarsHip City (Part 1)1969Soul
Set 2
Helene SmithA Woman Will Do Wrong1967Phil L.A. of Soul
Little Beaver & Frank Williams with the RocketeersSoul Stuff (Part 1)1967Phil L.A. of Soul
The Imperial C'sSomeone Tell Her1967Phil L.A. of Soul
Cliff NoblesLove Is All Right1968Phil L.A. of Soul
Llittle John BowieGo Go Annie1968Phil L.A. of Soul
Vonda MariaI Feel Complete1968Phil L.A. of Soul
Les Tres FemmesWhat's a Matter Baby1969Phil L.A. of Soul
Marla DebrickUm Um Darling1970Phil L.A. of Soul
The African EchoesZulu Lunchbag1968Phil L.A. of Soul
Set 3
John EllisonYou've Got to Have Rhythm1970Phil L.A. of Soul
The People's ChoiceLet Me Do My Thing1972Phil L.A. of Soul
Carolyn VealYour Love is Like a Chain Around My Heart1972Phil L.A. of Soul
The CoalitionsInstead... How Are You1974Phil L.A. of Soul
Mody-VationGhetto Kung Fu1974Phil L.A. of Soul
L.J. Waiters & the ElectrifiersIf You Ain't Gettin' Your Thing1976Phil L.A. of Soul
Sharon RidleyWhere Did You Learn to Make Love the Way You Do1975Phil L.A. of Soul
Set 4/Outro
Bit of HoneyLive In Maid1970Shout
Satisfaction UnlimitedLet's Change the Subject1972Hot Wax
Gwen McRaeAin't Nothing You Can Do1971Columbia
Bobby WomackWoman's Gotta Have It1972United Artists
Lee DorseyOn Your Way Down1973Polydor
Stevie WonderDon't You Worry 'Bout a Thing1973Tamla
Dorothy MooreMisty Blue1976Malaco


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