Star Time #69: Your Sweetness Is My Weakness

If you ever wondered what might be my chronological sweet spot where soul music's concerned, this show basically covers it: from 1968 to 1976 (with '77 and '78 thrown in for good measure). A lot of rarities and deep tracks in this episode. Two songs featuring Ashford & Simpson in some capacity. An old Fatboy Slim sample. The Maskman still dealing with unfaithful subordinates. Partying with two "r's." Late-era Stylistics, an R&B band from Liverpool, hard heads and a sore behind. Also, the South Sound branch office is forcibly evacuated.

Set 1
Ronnie MitchellSoul Touch1968Spectrum
The Maskman & the AgentsOne Eye Open1968Dynamo
Rhetta HughesYou're Doing It With Her–When It Should Be Me1968Tetragrammaton
Sir Guy & the Rocking CavaliersFunky Virginia1969DPG
Otis ClayBaby Jane1969Dakar
The MomentsNot on the Outside1968Stang
The Four TopsJust Seven Numbers (Can Straighten Out My Life)1970Motown
Set 2
The Isley BrothersI Know Who You Been Socking It To1969T-Neck
Rufus ThomasThe Preacher and the Bear1970Stax
Alice ClarkDon't Wonder Why1972Mainstream
Just BrothersSliced Tomatoes1972Music Merchant
Roy CI Caught You in the Act (Neighborhood Scandal)1972Alaga
Chuck JacksonRoller Coaster1973ABC
Black NastyGetting Funky Round Here1973Enterprise
Lyn CollinsWe Want to Parrty, Parrty, Parrty1973People
Set 3
Ashford & SimpsonEverybody's Got to Give It Up1974Warner Bros.
Cash McCallHard Head (Makes a Sore Behind)1974Paula
Jay DeeYour Sweetness Is My Weakness1974Warner Bros.
Ronnie DysonOne Man Band (Plays All Alone)1973Columbia
Gil Scott-HeronLady Day and John Coltrane1974Flying Dutchman
Deniece WilliamsWatching Over1976Columbia
The Dynamic SuperiorsShoe Shoe Shine1975Motown
Set 4/Outro
PamojaOooh, Baby1975Lotus Land
Maxine Nightingale(I Think I Wanna) Possess You1976United Artists
Millie JacksonYou Created a Monster1977Spring
Real ThingWhatcha Say, Whatcha Do1978Pye (UK)
Joan ArmatradingOpportunity1977A&M
The StylisticsBaby, Don't Change Your Mind1976H&L Records
The Staple SingersLet's Do It Again1975Curtom


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