Song Of The Day 4/16/2014: Eartha Kitt - "Champagne Taste"

It's Alive: This is a pleasantry I stumbled across about ten years ago when I was still in the habit of trampling across the digital music hellscape with a chainsaw, sucking up anything by anybody I'd even just heard about to throw on my radio show, in efforts to amuse most listeners and confuse the rest. I do the same thing now, except I don't have a radio show anymore and I pay for the privilege. Coincidentally I just featured Eartha Kitt on this blog almost exactly six months ago, which to this blog translates to about five minutes. So she's attempting some sort of supernatural takeover from beyond the grave, and there's only so many precautions I have time to take.

I love "Champagne Taste" because Eartha enters laughing about something somebody said as the song started, and breaks up just so barely at the culmination of the first verse. Also, in socioeconomic terms, I'm pretty much the guy she's singing to, at the moment anyway. I'd love to hop a flight to Europe, but Paul McCartney hasn't returned my inquiries about whether he was looking for a less stuffy personal valet, and I can't afford cable in Paris. And Eartha really needs to stop bothering me. I'm taken, and I haven't messed around with paranormal acquaintances since the boating accident.*

*This is the first time in 12 years I have used the "since the boating accident" joke.
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