The Top Songs Of The Day of 2014: #10-2

I'm impressed with your progress and believe you'll go far in this organization.

10. Jimmy Ruffin - "Our Favorite Melody"
June 28

Lots of bittersweetness about this one. It came at the end of Black Music Month, accompanying a piece that's about as personal as I get these days, just a few months before Mr. Ruffin passed on, leaving us to figure out what becomes of the broken-hearted ourselves.

9. Bill Cosby - "Yes Yes Yes" vs. Christopher Guest - "Positively Wall Street"
Nov. 7

The most popular of the surprisingly popular Song Wars. Mr. Guest lobbed no allegations at Mr. Cosby.

8. Andrea McArdle & Reid Shelton - "I Don't Need Anything But You"
June 1

From Broadway Off And On week. Sometimes I can't explain a particular Song of the Day's popularity, and this would be one of those times.

7. Yann Tiersen feat. Neil Hannon - "Les Jours Tristes"
May 24

The theme from the cult movie Amelie, and at last the most successful of my efforts to force Neil Hannon into your lives.

6. Jilted John - "I Was a Pre-Pubescent"
Mar. 16

This came from a mini-theme weekend which focused on the British new wave comic hit "Jilted John," its answer record and this, its sequel. I hope this makes John feel much less awkward.

5. Brenda Holloway - "You've Made Me So Very Happy"
June 24

We do well with female solo singers from Motown. Last year everyone loved the Tammi Terrell song, this year you gave Brenda Holloway the attention she richly deserves.

4. ABBA vs. Van Halen - "Super Jumper"
May 29

From a week of mash-ups. This song combined two reliable tropes this blog excels in: Europop and '80s hard rock. You did not disappoint.

3. Linda Ronstadt - "Willin'"
Mar. 20

From the surprisingly successful theme week Accidents of Adult Contemporary. Linda Ronstadt covered this Little Feat song with earnestness. She really, really wanted those weeds, whites and wine. Would not be denied.

2. Conchita Wurst - "Rise Like a Phoenix"
May 8

The Eurovision Song Contest winner was a last-minute switch on my part. There was no way I could ignore the star power of Wurst, as she traipsed over Slavic intolerance and rose like a, a, ahh, I can't come up with a simile. Shove it, Putin.

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