Mixtape Of The Day 9/17/2016: The Hidden '70s, Vol. 3: 1977-79

The Hidden '70s, Part 3 - After two torturous months we finally reach the end of the entire Hidden '70s project and we're going to bludgeon the point further with three (3) new mixtapes over the next three (3) days, starting with today's usual chronological wrap-up. This tape features songs that made the Billboard Hot 100 but missed the bronze ring of the Top 40 by at least one position. What will you hear? In addition to all the Songs Of The Day featured this past week, you'll hear this:

  • A song by Heart I could have sworn was a bigger hit

  • The Four Seasons' catchy follow-up to that whole "Oh What a Night" business

  • Lake, although it sounds like Supertramp

  • Graham Parker covering the Trammps

  • The first single Prince ever put out

  • Something in French

  • My favorite Queen song -- nope, it's not "Bohemian Rhapsody"

  • Dave Edmunds wearing Elvis Costello

  • The girl from "Paradise By the Dashboard Light" (Ellen Foley) laying down yet another law

  • The last chapter in the sad story of Badfinger

  • An attempt to culture-jam Star Wars and The Gong Show

  • A very special couple of segments in which my daughter Lucie gives her opinion on '70s hits which you'll have to listen real closely to because Dad overestimated the range of his condenser mic
You've got nothing better to do, so do this! Enjoy.


Part One
Intro – "Gene Gene the Imperial Stormtrooper"
Heart – "Kick It Out" (#79, 1977)
Grace Jones – "I Need a Man" (#83, 1977)
Angel – "That Magic Touch" (#77, 1977)
Mother's Finest – "Baby Love" (#58, 1977)
The Four Seasons – "Down the Hall" (#65, 1977)
Tim Moore – "In the Middle" (#75, 1977)
Lake – "Time Bomb" (#83, 1977)
Graham Parker & the Rumour – "Hold Back the Night" (#58, 1977)
Break: Lucie Vs. the '70s, Part 1

Part Two
Kevin Lamb – "On the Wrong Track" (#82, 1978)
Prince – "Soft and Wet" (#92, 1978)
Boz Scaggs – "Hollywood" (#49, 1978)
Prism – "Take Me to the Kaptin" (#59, 1978)
Fotomaker – "Where Have You Been All My Life" (#81, 1978)
Plastic Bertrand – "Ça Plane Pour Moi" (#47, 1978)
Queen – "It's Late" (#74, 1978)
Break: Lucie Vs. the '70s, Part 2

Part Three
Dave Edmunds – "Girls Talk" (#65, 1979)
Randy Brown – "You Says It All" (#72, 1979)
Ellen Foley – "What's a Matter Baby" (#92, 1979)
The Headboys – "The Shape of Things to Come" (#67, 1979)
The Isley Brothers – "It's a Disco Night (Rock Don't Stop)" (#90, 1979)
Badfinger – "Love is Gonna Come at Last" (#69, 1979)
Patti Smith Group – "Frederick" (#90, 1979)

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