Mixtape Of The Day 10/15/2016: Weekend at Minerva's

Here's the last of the three '80s-related mixtapes I threw at you this past week. This is an offshoot of He Saw You Point, which of course was the companion to She Saw You Pout. I have a flow chart written down somewhere. While collecting songs by female musicians a few weeks ago I found I was getting about an equal number of agreeable pop songs and more aggressive and/or experimental ones. So despite my doctor's warnings about working too much I thought each realm deserved its own mixtape. The more melodic stuff went on Point. Here's the other stuff. And yes, I put this up with some urgency in light of the past couple of weeks of the presidential campaign, in which the orange-haired, sniffling, shrill-o-matic, animatronic Hot Pocket defended his chauvinism, sexism and gold-nugget lust issues in just about the least effective way possible. Yeah, I work best without teleprompters too, you gurgling cretin. Enjoy.

...And the Native Hipsters - Mr. Magic
Bound & Gagged - Roach Motel
Glueams - Mental
Teenage Jesus & the Jerks - The Closet
Out on Blue Six - Party Mood
The Cosmopolitans - (How to Keep Your) Husband Happy
Leningrad Sandwich - Nothing's Changed
The Anemic Boyfriends - Guys Are Not Proud (Edit)
PSHRG - Patty
Livin' Sacrifice - Fuck Off
Red Scare - Last Request
The Nuns - Do You Want Me On My Knees
Joy Rider - Nasty Secretary
Joolz - Mad Bad & Dangerous to Know
Anorexia - Rapist In the Park
U.X.A. - Paranoia Is Freedom
The Sears - Not Prepared
Penetration - Don't Dictate
PSHRG - Go Fox Yourself
Cherry Vanilla - Hard As a Rock
Hans-a-Plast - Sex Sex Sex
Ludus - My Cherry is in Sherry
The Nixe - You Say
The Slits - Instant Hit
Rosa Yemen - Herpes Simplex
Nina Hagen - Smack Jack
Crash Course In Science - Kitchen Motors
Jill Kroesen - I Am Not Seeing That You Are Here
PSHRG - Theology from a Woman
The Frigidettes - Turmoil
Snatch - Stanley
Tara Cross - Eyes Don't Lie
Dressed Up Animals - Mondtanz
Jungle Nausea - Alternative
Nancy Sesay & the Melodaires - C'est Fab
The Parapluies - Necessities
Yoko Ono - She Gets Down On Her Knees
Mecca Normal - Man Thinks Woman

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