Song Of The Day 1/15/2017: Randy Newman – “Roll With the Punches”

I have a couple of updates on the upcoming mixtape. Not Glamquake, that's all done and finished and up, it's a hell of a lot of fun and I thank you for listening to it. If you haven't listened to it, try to do so within the next two days, because after that we'll be starting our final descent into living hell and it might not be as effective.

The forthcoming mixtape I'm talking about is Veritas Animus 2. I have two updates on it. #1: It's no longer called Veritas Animus 2. It started out that way but it went off-course. However, I figured out where it was going and started retrofitting the whole thing with a new sense of purpose and dramatic pacing, and thought very carefully about where it would end up and what it would represent. It's the same technique I used with the original Veritas Animus, but I'm not comfortable calling it Veritas Animus 2 because the point of view isn't necessarily personal. In the midst of all this I stopped and wondered, "Christ, does Drake ever have this problem with his mixtapes?" Anyway, the point being, it's got a new title, but I can't tell it to you yet.

Update #2: It's done. I just edited the last bits in. It'll go up either Wednesday or Thursday. I could do it now, but I wanted to release it at the point where it would be most effective given the national occasion that we're having on Friday. It'll have to be up at least a full day before that, and I'm thinking Wednesday might be effective for people who want to hear it twice.

This song was originally on the mixtape that was going to be called Veritas Aminus 2 but now isn't, and this song isn't on it now. It might give you a slight indication where this mixtape is headed. But not the whole way. Only about partway. Maybe a third. It's about a third of the way.

It's either making mixtapes or selling crack. Sometimes I make correct choices.

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