Check-In & Playlist: September 24, 2011

The playlist covers more than a month so there's lots of stuff on there, but there are some stray tracks and contained moments of spastic album listening that I feel compelled to bring attention to here:

Nirvana. It's the 20th anniversary of Nevermind's release. The commemoration has taken over Seattle so completely that I thought I saw a giant baby flying on top of the Space Needle earlier. There was also the 20th anniversary tribute concert which was expertly covered by one of the Seattle Times' most sensational breakout new writers who deserves his own publication, my God, he's that good! Anyway, I went through most of the week deliberately not listening to Nevermind, until last night, when I figured I should listen to find out what all the fuss was about.

Nice record. But I listened to In Utero right afterwards, and I think I decided that if I was still in my early mid-20's, I'd probably have listened to In Utero more.

Bill Wells Trio: "D.A.D.E.". Heard this on Wednesday's Irwin Chusid show on WFMU and immediately went on a crazy goose chase trying to find a copy of it. I did but I can't say where. If I were producing the series finale of the show about my life, this song would be the one I played over the sentimental, looking-back montage capturing the emotional high points and moments of discovery from my time on earth. Then I'd get hit by the bus.

A bunch of newly released Queen remasters. Everything from News Of The World to Hot Space. Including the Flash Gordon soundtrack. I decided to give Hot Space another try, having once been turned off so overwhelmingly by the presence of "Body Language" and encouraged by the song "Calling All Girls." I was pretty much right the first time.

The rest are below. I've been trying to get into a writing frame of mind. Haven't gotten there yet. The keyhole's too small. But I've got a line on a pickaxe. Or maybe it's a fishing rod. I have no idea. I don't do enough drugs.

Pull Up Some Dust And Sit Down, Ry Cooder
How Do You Do, Mayer Hawthorne
Obscurities, Stephin Merritt
Thursday, The Weeknd
Neighborhoods, blink-182
Seeds We Sow, Lindsey Buckingham
Cults, Cults
Black Up, Shabazz Palaces
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