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Song Of The Day 2/28/2015: Cyd Coleman - "The Rich Man's Frug (from 'Sweet Charity')"

Song Of The Day 2/27/2015: Los Mustang - "Le Snap"

Song Of The Day 2/26/2015: Mr. Zulu & the Warriors - "Come On Duckie With Me"

Song Of The Day 2/25/2015: Johnny & Charley - "La Yenka"

Song Of The Day 2/24/2015: The Five Du-Tones - "The Woodbine Twine"

Song Of The Day 2/23/2015: Black Lace - "Agadoo"

Song Of The Day 2/22/2015: Annie Ross - "The Fish"

Song Of The Day 2/21/2015: The Riot Squad - "I Take It That We're Through"

Songs Of The Day 2/20/2015: John Cleese & the 1948 Show Choir - "The Ferret Song" + "The Rhubarb Tart Song"

Song Of The Day 2/19/2015: Pickettywitch - "That Same Old Feeling"

Song Of The Day 2/18/2015: Dana Gillespie - "Pay You Back With Interest"

Songs Of The Day 2/17/2015: Jackie Trent - "You Baby" + "Send Her Away"

Songs Of The Day 2/16/2015: The Alan Bown Set - "Gonna Fix You Good (Everytime You're Bad)" + "I Really, Really Care"

Songs Of The Day 2/15/2015: Coyote McCloud featuring Clara Peller - "Where's the Beef?" + Jason Alexander - "The McDLT"

Mixtape #7: Sucking Down the '70s

Songs Of The Day 2/14/2015: Frank Sidebottom - "Panic on the Streets of Timperley" + "We Will Rock You/Frank Gordon"

Song Of The Day 2/13/2015: Andre Williams & the Goldstars - "It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Want To Rock and Roll)"

Song Of The Day 2/12/2015: Sanctuary - "White Rabbit"

Song Of The Day 2/11/2015: ApologetiX - "The Real Sin Savior"

I am sorry.

Song Of The Day 2/10/2015: The Persuasions - "You Are What You Is"

Song Of The Day 2/9/2015: Mary Hopkin - "Tro, Tro, Tro"

Song Of The Day 2/8/2015: Little Milton - "Behind Closed Doors"

The Saturday Boy 2/7/2015: Cozy Edges

Song Of The Day 2/7/2015: Soupy Sales - "Muck-Arty-Park"

Song Of The Day 2/6/2015: Dee Mullins - "Love Makes the World Go ‘Round, But Money Greases the Wheel"

Song Of The Day 2/5/2015: The Rustix - "Free Again (Non C'est Rien)"

Song Of The Day 2/4/2015: Chris Holland & T-Bone - "Get Me Some Help"

Songs Of The Day 2/3/2015: Vincent DiMirco - "I Can Make It Alone" + "Come Clean"

Song Of The Day 2/2/2015: The Messengers - "That's the Way a Woman Is"

Songs Of The Day 2/1/2015: Horrifying '80s songs about the Patriots and Seahawks