Song Of The Day 2/27/2015: Los Mustang - "Le Snap"

Do the Dance Craze: The other day we covered Johnny & Charley, who came from the Netherlands and infiltrated Spain with their mysterious dance “La Yenka.” Just to defy all things linear, today I’m presenting Los Mustang, who are actually from Spain and did a lot of Spanish-language covers of English-language hits, especially from the Beatles. Their biggest hit was their take on “Yellow Submarine (Submarino Amarillo).” However, “Le Snap” is clearly French. This is the kind of multiculturalist hell we unleashed when we screwed up that whole Bay of Pigs thing.

“Le Snap” is another dance craze song that, from all appearances, does not have an actual, established dance to go with it. I done did the Google searching, but the few promising leads I had gave me bupkis. I imagine this one’s left to your own personal choice of moves, then. Not to micromanage, but it might be best if you incorporate an actual finger snap into the routine if you choose to go that route. A clap would just be a thoughtless insult. Save that crap for flamenco.

More paragraph-filler from Los Mustang’s Wikipedia page: (a) “They released the critically acclaimed Reino Prohibido Del Himalaya (meaning Himalayan Forbidden Kingdom) in 2 parts, in line with the psychedelic trend. It consisted of conceptual songs about earlier advanced civilizations, based on the theories of Horbiger and Michael Peissel.” I’m putting Brenda on the Horbiger & Peissel task force STAT.

And (b): “During the 1980s, they experienced a revival with the recording of a new album which once again included versions of oldies and had various performances with arch-rivals Los Sírex.”

“Arch-rivals.” Adorable. That’s priceless.

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