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Song Of The Day 7/31/2015: Johny Caraway – “Calvin Boles in Nashville”

Song Of The Day 7/30/2015: Dan Martin – “King Kluck”

Song Of The Day 7/29/2015: Space Man – “Man in Orbit”

Song Of The Day 7/28/2015: James & Gary – “The Godfather’s Daughter”

Song Of The Day 7/27/2015: Dickie Goodman – “Star Warts” + “Star Warz”

Song Of The Day 7/26/2015: The Pleasure Seekers – “What a Way to Die”

Social media promotion strategy

Mixtape Of The Day 7/25/2015: Solve the Solvents

Song Of The Day 7/24/2015: Eye to Eye – “On the Mend”

Song Of The Day 7/23/2015: Andrew Gold – “Never Let Her Slip Away”

Songs Of The Day 7/22/2015: Stephen Bishop – “The Big House” + "Red Cab to Manhattan"

Song Of The Day 7/21/2015: Ambrosia – “If Heaven Could Find Me”

Song Of The Day 7/20/2015: Gino Vannelli – “A New Fix for ‘76”

Songs Of The Day 7/19/2015: Rupert Holmes – “Terminal” + “Everything Gets Better When You're Drunk”

Song Of The Day 7/18/2015: Preacher George Jessup – “Till My Hair Has Turned to Skin”

A convo with Scott Taylor of The Hard Way

Song Of The Day 7/17/2015: That 1 Guy – “The Moon Is Disgusting”

Songs Of The Day 7/16/2015: Todd Rundgren – “Black Maria” + “Little Red Lights”

Songs Of The Day 7/15/2015: Roy Wood – “Oh What a Shame” + “Any Old Time Will Do”

Other things that'll happen when an earthquake wipes out the Pacific Northwest

Song Of The Day 7/14/2015: East River Pipe – “I Won’t Dream About the Girl”

Songs Of The Day 7/13/2015: Emitt Rhodes – “Somebody Made For Me” + "With My Face on the Floor"

Songs Of The Day 7/12/2015: Lindsey Buckingham – “Bwana” + "That's How We Do It In L.A."

Song Of The Day 7/11/2015: Bob Hudson – “The Newcastle Song”