Mixtape Of The Day 7/25/2015: Solve the Solvents

I was in a mood on Friday, and to talk myself off the kitchen window sill I thought I'd do a mixtape. It's about 45 minutes. It's entirely instrumental except for one phrase that gets repeated over and over in the middle, and possibly some seductive moaning. I tampered with a lot of the songs, so if they sound odd in your headphones or your speakers, give it about a minute. I left the last 25 minutes or so pretty much alone, though. It's a mood piece. I was in a mood. But I'm quite fond of this particular mix, especially since it came about in about six distracted hours. The title is a play on words on the lead track from Nirvana's In Utero, before some smartypants accuses me of ripping off Nirvana's titles.

Track list:
Frippertrain Intro
Globetrotter, The Tornados
Le Ciel Est Bleu, Deuter
Fire Spell, Wilburn Burchette
Sacramento, Mr. Blue (aka Bonobo)
Broken Fence of the Battered and Buried (PSHRG Remix), Eeyore Ass Guzzler
Drum Solo + Guitar Feedback, Unknown
Piazzolla's Libertango, Marici Saxes
Theme, Moondog
Bad Side of Sex, Guts
It Could Have Been Very, Very Beautiful, The Lounge Lizards
Music Is Still Secret, Marco Benevento
Kärnten, PSHRG

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