Song Of The Day 2/12/2015: Sanctuary - "White Rabbit"

Quarterly Covers Report: “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane is a delicate and whimsical metaphor based on two disparate works of art: Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Miles Davis’ Sketches of Spain. A dramatic and rousing call to mind-expanding arms, it’s one of the most compact adventure rides of the burgeoning ’60s subculture, emulating the slow, deliberate, gradual engorging of the egalitarian template. Awareness unfolds and progresses throughout, as each layer stripped away from the veneer of the subconscious is accompanied by progressively building instrumentation, Grace Slick’s fortifying rise in spiritual aspiration and pulsing melodrama, until at last the piece climaxes in an absolute detonation combining the ardor of youth with enraging collision, catapulting an entire generation into efforts to deepen understanding, solidify relationships and propel society into a colorful, enriching new paradigm of thought, action and expression.

Also, “White Rabbit” was about taking loads of drugs, so metal band Sanctuary whacked it into pieces with a battle-axe in 1987. Consider head fed.

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