Song Of The Day 2/26/2015: Mr. Zulu & the Warriors - "Come On Duckie With Me"

Do the Dance Craze: There’s nothing about the Duckie anywhere on the web. I search for it on Google and all I get back are pictures of Jon Cryer in Pretty In Pink. Furthermore when I search for “Mr. Zulu & the Warriors” Google keeps asking me if I really mean “Mr. Sulu & the Warriors,” which will lead me to an image of a shirtless George Takei fencing in an old Star Trek episode. It’s hard to find good help these days.

All I know about “Come On Duckie With Me” I found on the YouTube channel 4JUKEBOXSATURDAYNITE where a man named Curtis Popps left a comment relating to another video. He was in a doo woo group called The Showcases, who had a sweet track called “This Love Was Real.” Popps says he co-wrote this song before he got shipped off to Vietnam in 1964, and then the Showcases became Mr. Zulu & said Warriors. I’ve gleaned that they may have been headquartered around Van Nuys, CA. Or maybe Pittsburgh. I don’t really know.

I have no info on the dance itself, but from the sounds of this record you’re going to have to get the jacuzzi ready. Finally, since I brought it up:

Takei = page views.

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